Vegan Cannoli, lactose and egg free

Vegan Cannoli, lactose and egg free

Cannoli are the most popular sweets in Sicily. With the emergence of numerous sicilian pizzerias and pastry shops in Barcelona and other locations, you can find them and buy them without difficulty. Cannoli are vegetarian but not vegan: the filling is made with ricotta cheese and the shells contain egg. However, thanks to Barcelonia cheeses it is now possible to make a delicious vegan version of this yummy dessert.

Ingredients (4-6 cannoli):

  • 1 tub Barcelonia Vegan Original Cream Cheese
    1.5 tbsp Granulated Coconut or White Cane Sugar*
    ¼ tsp Lemon Zest
    15 Toasted pistachio nuts
    6 artisan cubanos (as a substitute of the shells in this recipe we have used vegan artisan cubanos bought in the supermarket)


  1. Using a strainer, drain a tub or two of crema until no liquid remains.
  2. Stir together the cream cheese and sweetener, until assimilated.
  3. Using a fine grater or zester, remove only the yellow from the lemon.
  4. Shell, peel and crush pistachio nuts
  5. Use a pastry bag to pipe Barcelona Cannoli mixture into shells, filling from the center to one end, then do the same from the other side.
  6. Refrigerate cannoli for 15 minutes so that the filling has time to slightly harden
  7. Lightly dip each end into the crushed pistachio nuts.
  8. Ready to serve!



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